M.D., Psychiatrist, Thinker, Music Composer. Born in 1962, Akita Pref., Japan. Graduated from Tohoku University School of Medicine.

Trained music theory and composition method under a private music teacher during university days. After working at hospitals including Tokyo Medical and Dental University Medical Hospital, he moved to Paris and studied as a student in L’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, and worked as a counselor for Institut Culturel Franco-Japonais at the same time. He is currently working in IZUMIYA CLINIC, his own clinic in Tokyo, which specializes in Psychotherapy.

His unique method of psychotherapy to respect and make most of the personality of each client attracts clients from all over Japan and overseas (his session is only in Japanese). His own way to understand humans as “HEAD/MIND=BODY” has aroused empathy from a wide range of people. He advocates “the true richness of life” through his books (some of them are translated and published in Asian countries), speeches and lectures. He also works as a stage director and a composer.

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・『Q~Watashi no Shiko Tankyu』NHK Educational TV
・『Minna de Nihon GO!』NHK TV
・『Bokura no Jidai』FUJI TV
・『Earth Dreaming~Glass no Chikyu wo Sukue』ABC RADIO
・『OTAKE MAKOTO Golden Radio』Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
・『Nippon no Dilemma』NHK Educational TV
『ABEMA Prime』ABEMA TV (Internet TV)

【International Media】
・『The Reverse Side of the Kimono』
Interviewed by Mr. Vladimir Pozner for Channel 1 (Russia)

    and many other.

・『「Futsu ga ii」to iu Yamai』(Kodansha Ltd.)also published in Korea
 Psychopathology of "it's good to be normal"
・『「Watashi」wo ikiru tameno kotoba ―Japanese and Individualism― 』Kenkyusha Co., Ltd.)
 Words to be myself
・『Anata no Jinsei ga kawaru Taiwajutsu』(Kodansha Ltd.)
 Dialogue to change your life
・『Kusuri ni tayoranakutemo「Utsu」ha naoru ~atarashii jibun ni naru 30 no Shiten』(DIAMOND, Inc.)
 Curing Depression without Medications, 30 viewpoints to find yourself
・『Han Kyoiku ron ~Saru no Shiko kara Cho-Saru no Shiko he~』(Kodansha Ltd.)
 Anti Education
・『Shigoto nanka Ikigai ni suruna~Ikiru imi wo futatabi kangaeru~』(Gentosha Inc.)also published in Korea and Taiwan
 Do not live on Jobs, To review the meanings of life
・『Kokoro Karada no Koe wo kiku』(Seitosha Ltd.)
 Listening to the voice of Heart and Body
・『Hommono no Shikoryoku wo Migaku tame no Ongakugaku』(yamaha music media)
 Musicology for real Intelligence
・Josei no tameno Katei Igakusho『Wemens' Medica』(Shogakukan Inc.)
 Supervision of Mental Disease section
・Contribution writings to Iwanami Shoten, Kodansha Ltd., and many
・Serial Columns for “JAF Mate” (Japan Automobile Federation Member Monthly Magazine)
・Serial Columns for “nippon.com” (texts available in  English and other languages←click here)
・Serial Columns for “Nikkei Business Online”

『Ariettes Oubliées』

IZUMIYA SEMINAR OFFICE is the office to support Dr. Kanji IZUMIYA’s activities outside his clinic. In the Japanese page of our site provides information of Dr. IZUMIYA and his works including writings, lectures, media exposures, etc. We also plan and organize seminars with him as a lecturer.


*Services Izumiya Seminar Office provides are not for medical purpose.

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